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Solutions with a Smile

Thrive is more than a professional services firm. We thrive when we can help our clients move confidently forward in the next steps toward their financial goals.

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Don’t just file. Thrive

Build a foundational tax system that sets you up.

Don’t just file your taxes, build a foundational tax system that sets you or your business up for success in this and coming years. Thrive will look for proactive solutions and strategies to help minimize tax liability and maximize long-term results. Thrive will include a face-to-face intake meeting, a personal review after taxes have been prepared, and a follow-up Prepare to Thrive Meeting after filing with a personalized Thrive guide with recommendations for the next calendar year.

Thrive Throughout the Year

Don’t let your accounting wait until year-end or tax time.

Build in checkpoints along the way to hold yourself accountable and on track. Thrive Throughout the Year clients have face-to-face meetings quarterly with a progress analysis and Actions to Thrive report provided after each meeting. This option keeps clients on track and adaptable to the changes that come throughout the year.

Thrive Membership

Thrive members experience the benefits of monthly membership and accountability.

They meet with their Thrive accountant monthly to review financials and progress against goals. Membership also includes ongoing accounting advice and access to ask questions anytime throughout the year. Thrive members receive quarterly progress reports, Actions to Thrive reports and Thrive Guides to keep them on track and thriving throughout the full calendar year.

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